In a groundbreaking collaboration, a team of esteemed experts from the fields of media, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and sustainability research has been revealed. Led by the renowned Mr. Eustace Onuegbu, a luminary in the CSR and Sustainability Research and Consultancy sector, the team is poised to make a significant impact on the industry.Media

This formidable Media, CSR group, comprising distinguished media professionals and leading researchers, is set to transform the landscape of CSR and sustainability initiatives. With their collective expertise, they are primed to drive innovation and advocate for impactful changes that resonate with businesses and communities alike.
The focal point of their collective efforts is the upcoming award ceremony, which promises to be a highlight in the world of CSR and sustainability. The coveted award, which showcases exemplary initiatives and contributions, will close its entry submissions on September 9th. Entrants across various sectors are eagerly vying for recognition, as they strive to demonstrate their commitment to ethical practices and responsible business operations.Media
The pinnacle of this journey will be an in-person ceremony scheduled for Saturday, November 25, 2022, in the vibrant city of Lagos. Attendees can anticipate a momentous occasion, as industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders converge to celebrate the best and brightest in CSR and sustainability.Media
Mr. Eustace Onuegbu‘s leadership of this distinguished group adds an extra layer of credibility to the award and its recipients. Known for his extensive contributions to the CSR and sustainability realm, Onuegbu’s involvement solidifies the award’s significance within the industry.
As the entry deadline rapidly approaches, the anticipation continues to build for what promises to be a transformative event. With the combined efforts of top media, CSR, and sustainability researchers, under the guidance of Mr. Eustace Onuegbu, the award ceremony is set to shine a spotlight on the remarkable strides being made towards a more responsible and sustainable future.



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