The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has announced plans to commence a nationwide strike on August 14, 2023, just hours after an agreement was reached with President Bola Tinubu to call off their protests. The rupture in the reconciliation between the organized labour and the Federal Government appears to stem from a contempt of court application filed by the Federal Ministry of Justice against the labour leaders.


The NLC has threatened to down tools if the Federal Government does not withdraw the lawsuit accusing the labour leadership of flouting court orders. This announcement follows a series of events, including a previous attempt by the government to prevent a strike by obtaining an order from the National Industrial Court. Despite the court injunction, the organized labour carried out protests, disrupting economic activities across the country. In response, the Federal Government initiated contempt of court proceedings against the labour leaders, deepening the divide between the two parties.

SAN Femi Falana
Prominent legal figure Femi Falana, SAN, representing the organized labour, has challenged the legitimacy of the contempt charges and emphasized that the labour union had not breached any agreements. He asserted that the legal proceedings were an embarrassment, given the ongoing negotiations between the NLC and the President.NLC
As tensions rise and the nation braces for the impending strike, the spotlight remains on the strained relationship between the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Federal Government, highlighting the challenges of resolving contentious issues surrounding subsidy removal and fuel price hikes. The fate of the nation’s workforce and the impact on the economy hang in the balance as both sides navigate this complex legal and labor dispute.


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