In a recent development, the Nigeria High Commission in London has expressed concern over the presence of various forms of propaganda circulating in the media, aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the Mission and Nigeria as a whole.

The Commission has called on the public to disregard these misleading videos, photographs, and stories, which falsely portray past events as current occurrences. Highlighting the present state of affairs, the Nigeria High Commission emphasized the prevailing peace, tranquillity, and harmony within their premises in London. Commission
They also expressed gratitude for the remarkable cooperation received from the Nigerian Diasporan Community in the United Kingdom, particularly regarding consular services and bilateral relations. This collaboration has been instrumental in facilitating the provision of efficient services to Nigerian residents in the UK as well as Nigerian visitors to the country.Commission
Reaffirming their commitment to exceptional service, the Nigeria High Commission in London has vowed to continue fulfilling its responsibilities diligently and relentlessly. By prioritizing the delivery of efficient services, they aim to strengthen both the welfare of Nigerian residents in the UK and the overall bilateral relations between Nigeria and the United Kingdom.Commission
Reiterating their allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and expressing their determination to uphold their responsibilities with unwavering dedication, the Commission takes a stand against the dissemination of misleading propaganda and hope to safeguard the image and reputation of both the Mission and Nigeria itself, while promoting accurate and truthful narratives.
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Nigeria High Commission, London



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