In a surprising twist amidst the nationwide protest against fuel subsidy removal, Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly known as Mc Oluomo and the chairman of Lagos State Parks and Garages(LASPG) Management Committee, made a significant declaration recently. LASPG

Addressing the media after a crucial meeting with transport union leaders and operators, Mc Oluomo declared that the transport workers in Lagos state would not partake in the organized labor groups’ strike.
The decision, reached after thorough deliberations and comprehensive analysis of the prevailing circumstances, the LASPG Boss underscores  commitment to prioritize the well-being of Lagos residents. Highlighting the factors considered, Mc Oluomo pointed out the rising cost of living and transportation fares, along with pressing public concerns.
LASPG boss assured the public that despite the ongoing protests, the transport system in Lagos would continue to operate smoothly.Taking into account the challenges posed by the fuel subsidy removal, Mc Oluomo unveiled several relief measures designed to ease the burden on both drivers and passengers. LASPG
One of the notable measures includes a reduction in ticket prices for drivers at parks, coupled with a decrease in booking fees. Passengers are also set to benefit from reduced transport fares on specific routes, including those serviced by commercial motorcycles and tricycles.
To ensure the effective implementation of these directives, Mc Oluomo introduced a task force team composed of state executives, parks’ chairmen, and selected union leaders. This team will oversee compliance with the new measures, and punitive actions are outlined for any violations.

In his announcement, Mc Oluomo expressed gratitude for the supportive environment created by the Lagos State Government, emphasizing that these collaborative efforts, such as the reduction in public transport costs, will contribute to alleviating the impact of the subsidy removal.

LASPG Boss, Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya a.k.a Mc Oluomo
This unexpected turn of events demonstrates the LASPG Boss’s dedication to maintaining peace and stability within Lagos state while prioritizing the needs of its residents. As the organized labor groups continue their protest, Mc Oluomo’s decision stands as a unique approach, highlighting the unity and commitment within the Lagos transport community.
By Grace Olaogun


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