Controversial lawyer, Miss Ifunaya Excel Grant, has boldly rejected the petition lodged against her by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), showcasing her determination to withstand the challenge. In a recent post on Facebook, she drew a parallel to the biblical story of David and Goliath, suggesting that she will emerge victorious against the NBA’s allegations.


In the post, she brazenly expressed her nonchalance towards the petition, stating, “Before I can light up my Igbo (Indian hemp), do you have any advice for Me? Note: Tell those people wey dey fine (sic) me say I’m unavailable.” The intended targets of her message were believed to be the NBA. A corresponding post on her Twitter account, which boasts a following of over 300 thousand, has also garnered attention.
Engaging with her followers who commented on the NBA’s petition, Ifunaya openly dismissed a commentator’s prediction that she might be jailed due to the ongoing legal proceedings, saying, “abégi shift.” When another follower warned her that the NBA was pursuing her and that she might face incarceration, she audaciously responded with, “Then prepare to join me.”

Ifunaya Excel Grant
In addition to her legal battles, Ifunaya briefly touched on politics, referencing the controversial election of a public figure with the quip, “If INEC fit declare Tinubu president why not.”
While a majority of legal practitioners criticized Ifunaya for potentially tarnishing the reputation of the legal profession, a minority of lawyers argued that the NBA’s petition was misguided, asserting that Ifunaya was not actively practicing law.Ifunaya
The lawyer-turned-social media influencer enigmatically conveyed her sentiment about the NBA petition, saying, “Them go feel it,” accompanied by a sweating emoji, implying that she plans to make the NBA endure a challenging experience.
As opinions on the situation vary within the legal community, Ifunaya Excel Grant stands firm in her resolve to face the NBA’s allegations head-on, refusing to be deterred by the controversy surrounding her.
By Grace Olaogun & Sokoya


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