Dangote Cement Plc’s Obajana Plant in Kogi State has kickstarted a Technical Skills Acquisition program, focusing on empowering youth from local communities with essential technical skills. Dangote

The initiative, conducted under the guidance of Dangote Cement Transport, Obajana, aims to cultivate entrepreneurial abilities among young participants residing in areas like Oyo, Iwaa, Apata, and Obajana.
The Plant Director, JV Gungune, expressed that the primary goal is to equip youth, including female trainees and secondary school graduates, with practical skills that will contribute to their communities’ development. Monthly stipends are being provided to the trainees throughout the duration of the training.Dangote
According to Mr. Ajay Singh, the Divisional Director Transport of Dangote Cement Plc, the training spans across various fields such as auto mechanics, auto electrical work, welding, and panel beating/fabrication. Trainees were categorized into specific engineering sections based on their strengths and interests, with the program lasting for three months.
Simultaneously, Ravindra Singhvi, the CEO of Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc, expressed optimism about the proposed merger of  Sugar Refinery, NASCON Allied Industries, and Dan Rice, forming Dangote Foods Plc. Singhvi shared that the merger would bring about economies of scale and operational efficiencies, leading to cost reduction and improved supply within the food industry.Dangote
Furthermore, Singhvi highlighted the potential for Dangote Foods Plc to expand geographically and access capital more effectively due to its combined assets and enhanced attractiveness to lenders. However, he also lamented the challenges posed by forex fluctuations following the deregulation of the foreign exchange market, emphasizing the impact on manufacturing companies and the need for careful provisioning to address currency fluctuations.
In summary, Dangote’s commitment to technical skills training for youth and the envisaged benefits of merging its food subsidiaries underscore the company’s dedication to community empowerment and strategic growth.


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