Ogun State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has received the Appeal Court Judgement on Ogun State Governorship election on Friday in Lagos with joy, stating that due to Justice Jane Inyang’s meticulous consideration of the appeal, true justice is certain and the hope of reclaiming the mandate of the good people of Ogun state is drawing nearer.Justice

The pivotal judgment, highlighting the pathway to victory for what is true, ethical and legal, leaned overwhelmingly in favor of overturning the earlier ruling. With only one issue favoring the respondents (Dapo Abiodun and APC), the balance swung decisively in favor of justice prevailing, a stark departure from the lower court’s emphasis on technicalities over merit.
The higher judiciary’s inclination towards merit rather than technicalities instills optimism. The judicial process, marred by decisions grounded in technicalities at lower levels, now appears to be embracing the fundamental principles of justice.

The Director of Media, Ladi Adebutu Campaign Organization, Mr. Afolabi Orekoya in a statement said Hon. Justice Inyang’s commitment to resolving issues in accordance with the rule of law stands out.

Ogun State PDP Governorship Candidate, Hon. Dr. Oladipupo Adebutu
“As we anticipate the resolution of the legal battle, Hon. Justice Jane Inyang‘s commitment to resolving issues in accordance with the rule of law and not swayed by extraneous factors stands out. The appellate judgment also recognizes the importance of addressing the merits of the petition over procedural nuances.
“The recent judgment also serves as a reminder that what is true, moral, ethical and legal will always win. The unwavering commitment of Hon. Justice Jane Inyang, who delivered the majority verdict, should inspire confidence in the judiciary’s role as a bulwark for justice.” Orekoya said.
Mr. Afolabi Orekoya stated further that the Judiciary should emulate Hon. Justice Inyang’s uprightness, fostering hope for a greater Nigeria and a stronger democracy.  Adding that the temporary joys of those in the Ogun State government should be tempered by the understanding that truth will ultimately prevail.Justice
“We call on the people of Ogun State to celebrate Hon. Justice Jane Inyang as a symbol of true justice. The role model she represents should inspire stakeholders and citizens alike to uphold the principles of what is true, ethical and legal in their actions.
“To our supporters, your unwavering faith and tenacity fuel our determination to reclaim the mandate. As we ascend the legal ladder, remain steadfast; the truth will emerge victorious, acknowledging the will of the people.” Orekoya appreciated.
The Director of Media expresses gratitude for the support,reassuring that victory beckon : “Your efforts, loyalty, and prayers are integral to our cause, as we press on, undeterred, the symbol of hope, Hon. (Dr) Oladipupo Adebutu, and the PDP appreciate your contributions.


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