CP Abiodun Alamatu, the Commissioner of Police for Ogun State, paid a visit to the luxurious country home of Aare Adetola EmmanuelKing, the Group Managing Director of Adron Homes and Properties and Otun-Akile of Remoland. This visit aimed to fortify ties with the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) in Ogun and the South West Chapter.

Aare Adetola, the Grand Patron of the South West PCRC, warmly welcomed CP Abiodun and his team, expressing gratitude to critical stakeholders, opinion leaders, and the people of Ogun State for their unwavering support during his tenure. CP Abiodun Alamutu credited much of his success to individuals like Aare Adetola, who generously supplied essential resources to bolster the fight against crime, ultimately making Ogun State safer.
CP Abiodun expressed his enthusiasm for the meeting and conveyed his sincere appreciation for the support he had received since assuming his role as Commissioner of Police. He emphasized that without the support of organizations like the PCRC, their efforts to combat crime and enhance safety in Ogun State would have been significantly hindered.Ogun
Aare Adetola reciprocated the gratitude and reaffirmed his commitment to fostering a positive police-community relationship. He also stressed the importance of reorienting the public’s perception of the police and encouraged CP Abiodun to ensure that his officers interacted with the public in a friendly and approachable manner while carrying out their duties.
Aare Adetola Emmanuel-King in his capacity as National Patron and Grand Patron of the South West PCRC, pledged continued support to the police force and commended CP Abiodun’s efforts to reshape the public’s perception of law enforcement. He urged the police to maintain their friendly approach to policing, which would instill confidence in the community and contribute to the fight against crime.Ogun
Additionally, Aare Adetola took the opportunity to thank IGP Kayode Egbetokun for his recent initiative to recruit 20 young Nigerians in each local government across the nation, strengthening the Nigeria Police Force’s community policing efforts.


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