HEDA’s Non Registration Of Certificate Rumour Debunked The Human Environmental Development Agenda have shown its registration certificate to debunk rumours that the firm is unregistered.

The Giant Media International gathered that HEDA Resource Centre have been under serious and series of attacks concerning this issue.

It is not news that the organisation have been at the forefront of the campaign against corruption; its transparency and anticorruption activities have helped to expose some sharp practices of some notable individuals.

These activities and others have seen corruption fighting back at HEDA and its Chairman, becoming a subject of attack from persons who have been heavily indicted in dirty deals.Heda

The corrupt elements have thrown confusion in the air, waging media war and mobilising some compromised media executives to fight back, thereby confusing the ordinary citizens and other unsuspecting stakeholders with the claim that the firm is unregistered.

Therefore, after much investigation too, we, The Giant Media International wish to set the records straight and cut the wind off the sail of the lies flying around with the evidence of their registration.



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