Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has been officially unveiled as the Ambassador for Agricultural Technologies in Africa by the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF). Jonathan

At a ceremony held in Abuja, Nigeria, in August 2023, Jonathan highlighted the pressing need for advanced technologies in Africa’s agricultural sector to combat low yields and post-harvest losses.
During his address, Dr. Jonathan emphasized the transformative potential of modern technology in agriculture, citing examples from around the world where technology has significantly boosted productivity. He stressed that technology could empower smallholder farmers with the promise of increased yields and better crop protection against pests and diseases.
Jonathan’s appointment as AATF Goodwill Ambassador stems from his deep conviction that agriculture is the cornerstone of Africa’s economy. He underscored how technology can play a pivotal role in propelling Africa’s agricultural sector forward, not only ensuring food and nutrition security but also reducing poverty across the continent.
In his speech, the former President noted that Africa’s vast arable land resources give it a unique opportunity to contribute significantly to global food production. He passionately advocated for smallholder farmers, emphasizing their critical role in feeding the continent and their right to enjoy the benefits of their hard work in agriculture.
Drawing attention to specific technological advancements, Jonathan highlighted the importance of satellite imagery and drones in precision agriculture, aiding in pest and disease management. These innovations, he noted, enable timely responses to agricultural challenges, ultimately benefiting individuals, communities, and economies.
The African Agricultural Technology Foundation, known for its dedication to bridging the gap between science, technology, and farmers, welcomed Jonathan with open arms. Their collaboration aims to enhance food security, improve livelihoods, and promote sustainable agricultural practices across the continent.Jonathan
The ceremony garnered the presence of high-ranking government officials, members of the diplomatic community, representatives from Nigeria’s agricultural research sector, and local farmers. It stands as a momentous step towards harnessing the power of science and technology to drive progress and prosperity in Africa’s vital agricultural sector.
Jonathan’s tenure as Nigeria’s President showcased his unwavering commitment to socio-economic growth and development, qualities that align seamlessly with AATF’s mission to empower African agriculture through innovation and technology.
By Grace Olaogun


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