“We Have Ended Up With Charlatans” – Says Concerned PDP Youths


Fasnews Nigeria reports that Lagos State is one of the few States in the country which have proven insurmountable for PDP to conquer is a matter of great concern to us as ordinary
members of the party.

The reasons for this imbroglio can only be traced to disunity within the party and poor selection of representatives at all levels of governance.

These and many more assertions came up at the just concluded Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ward Congress which took place in Surulere, Lagos.

According to different participants who spoke at the event,

“We have ended up with charlatans, who are benefiting from the disunity in the partyand only too happy to fester it, taking control of the party, particularly at the ward and LGA levels.”

Another concerned member commented;

“This Congress is a wake up call for those of us who believe in the party and wants the best for the party and our belovedState. An exercise where sitting representatives (who are themselves desirous of contesting again in 2023), are allowed to select the committee that will be tasked with deciding the party’s candidates for the 2023 election, is not only insane, but only breeds megalomanic tendencies.”

“We have ended up with representatives who believe that they are above the party, the
party members, and the community they were elected to serve. This
macabre dance of impunity could only take place in an atmosphere of
disunity, which the representatives are only too happy to exploit.”

Another participant also observed that the result of this macabre dance of impunity is that PDP has ended up with only 3 representatives at National Assembly (NASS) from the original 6, none of whom has made any meaningful contribution to the national debate or community development.

“It is time that we liberate our party from these megalomanias, who are fuelling the disunity to feather their own nest. It is time that we look to those who can unify our party, and work to develop the party in their communities, after all, We Are The Party Of The People.”


Going through the records of people who have made their marks in the community, we have examples of such people in the party, and a shining example of such unifier and committed community champion is SEYI CLEMENT in Surulere.

Since joining the party, Seyi Clement has embarked on a path to unify all factions in the party. He has expended his resources to build party membership and championed the PDP e-registration exercise in Surulere.

His support for women in business in Surulere is legendary. With his interest and guarantee free loans to women in business in Surulere, via his SUREmoney Scheme, he has been able to lift many families out of poverty.

His annual free health check up and treatment via his SUREhealth Scheme has helped to improve the health of the community, by addressing the issues of high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, and breast cancer.

Seyi Clement describes himself as a proud Lagosian. He was born to the Saro/Aguda families of Williams and Clement of Popo Aguda, Lagos Island.

He read law at the University of Benin. He has a thriving law practice in Lagos and London.
He is the publisher of the leading law journal in Africa, “Law Digest” and has served in various public offices in the UK with an unblemished record.

He was the Chairman of the Infrastructure Board of one of the leading NHS hospitals with over £250m budget for over 5 years and served on the Board for 9 years. He was the secretary to the largest conglomerate of private healthcare hospitals in Europe.

In 2015, dismayed by the lack of social development in his constituency of Surulere 2, he and his wife, set up the Seyi Clement Foundation to facilitate social and human development in the constituency.

Seyi Clement is the Patron of NAIJA Youth Association, which represents the youth of Chief Natufe Street, Ade-Onitimirin Cres, Ipaye Street, Johnson Street and Alhaji Oduola Close in Aguda.

Seyi has received accolades from both home and abroad. In 2017, he was presented to HRH Princess Anne of Great Britain for services to the community and in 2018, he was honoured by the Mayor of Greenwich, also for services to the community.

His Surulere Children’s Christmas Party which brings all families in Surulere together is legendary and next-to-none.


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