Vice President Mike Pence was yesterday, Wednesday, ushered quickly out of the Senate chamber as it recessed and the debate between senators had to stop mid-speech and the House also recessed when Pro-Trump demonstrators breached the barricades and crowded on the Capitol steps, which is normally only accessible to

Pro-Trump People jumped the barricades surrounding the Capitol and police began running around the hallways and telling people to get away from the windows.

A police officer on the third floor began shouting that pro-trump protesters had got inside the building and that people should take shelter.

Earlier on Wednesday, President Trump told a rally of his supporters outside the White House that he would never concede that he lost the election, as Congress readied to certify Joe Biden’s victory.

In a video below, Reuters show how pro-Trump protesters stumped the Capitol Building in an attempt to force congress to undo Trump election loss.

“I will never give up. We will never concede,” Trump told the cheering crowd. “We will stop the steal.” Trump had stated.

meanwhile, four (4) people are said to have died and dozens  arrested after pro-Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol and clashed with police in a bid to stop Joe Biden’s victory being certified.

A female Trump supporter, Ashli Babbit was the first person confirmed dead after she was shot in the chest when she and dozens of other protesters breached security perimeters at the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon, Dec 6,2021.
Babbit’s husband was said to have revealed her identity to San Diego news outlet KUSI. He said Babbit was a 14-year veteran who served four tours with Air Force as a “high level security official”, a fervent supporter of Trump and “a great patriot to all who knew her”.
It remains unclear who shot Babbit as the Metropolitan Police Department in DC conducts an investigation into her death.
Witness accounts and videos from the incident suggested that she may have been shot by police while trying to climb through a broken window near congressional chambers.
DC Police said that three (3) other people died on Capitol grounds on Wednesday, January 6,2021 according to Politico. Those three deaths were related to unspecified “individual medical emergencies”.
Several blocks away from the Capitol, a man was stabbed outside the Trump International Hotel, NBC reported.



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