In a distressing turn of events, the communities of Elele Alimini and Ndele in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State have been left without electricity due to a malicious act of vandalism. Unknown hoodlums targeted installations belonging to the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED), causing widespread blackout across the area.Rivers State

Reports reveal that the Rivers state vandals systematically dismantled and destroyed a staggering 15 electricity poles, making away with over 3,000 meters of valuable wires and essential accessories. The targeted attack occurred on Thursday, leaving the PHED grappling with extensive damage to their infrastructure.
Thomas Otonye, the Technical Head of PHED, accompanied journalists to survey the destruction firsthand. Otonye highlighted the severity of the damage, explaining that the incident impacts the restoration of electricity to numerous communities in the vicinity, including parts of Ahoada East Local Government Area of Rivers state.Rivers State
Otonye stated, “The extent of the damage is substantial. We are looking at more than 3,300 meters of conductors alone, not even accounting for the other vital components like insulators, tie straps, and channel iron. The aftermath of this incident is bound to cause significant delays in the restoration of power to the affected areas.”
This incident marks the fifth consecutive attack on Rivers state PHED’s installations in the area, severely impeding the progress of the ongoing rehabilitation project. Previous attacks have cost the company millions of Naira in materials alone, with the latest act of vandalism expected to escalate the financial toll even further.Rivers State
The PHED had been diligently working on rehabilitating the power line that runs from Elele Alimini to Ndele, with the intention of restoring electricity to the region. However, the recent act of sabotage has dealt a heavy blow to these efforts, leaving communities in darkness and prompting concerns about the safety of critical infrastructure.
As investigations continue into this incident, authorities are urged to take swift action to apprehend those responsible for this reckless act of vandalism. The affected communities anxiously await the restoration of their power supply, as efforts to combat such malicious attacks on essential services intensify.
By Olaogun Grace


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