The United States of America has removed all visa reciprocity fees for Nigerians seeking visas to the US with effect from December 3,2020.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed on Saturday, December 5, 2020 that the development was sequel to the removal of excess visa application, processing and biometric fees for American citizens applying for Nigerian visas.

The US Embassy in Nigeria said the reciprocity fees were in response to unsuccessful talks with Nigeria to adjust the fees it charges American applicants. It argued that the total cost for a US citizen to obtain a visa to Nigeria was higher than the total cost for a Nigerian to obtain same to the United States.  The Mission insisted that the reciprocity fee was meant to eliminate the cost difference as required by United State laws.

Announcing the removal of the reciprocity fee in a statement, the MFA spokesman, Ferdinand Nwonye, said, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to inform that the United States Government has removed all reciprocity fees for Nigerian citizens seeking to visit the United States.

“The positive development is in line with the removal of excess visa application, processing and biometric fees for United States citizens applying for Nigerian visas by the Nigerian Government. The United States Government has, therefore, eliminated reciprocity fees for Nigerian citizens with effect from December 3, 2020.”   Nwonye stated.

The Donald Trump administration had in 2019, imposed the reciprocity fee for all approved non-immigrants applicants by Nigerians. The fee was charged in addition to the fees for only applicants who have been granted grace to enter the United State of America . The additional reciprocity fees which ranged from $80 to $303 depending on the class, took effect from August 29 last year.




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