childrenAs the world celebrates 2020 World Children today, the United Nation Children’s Fund, UNICEF has warned over the effects of corona virus pandemic on Nigerian children.

In a statement made available to to mark the day, UNICEF said several offspring’s in Nigeria had suffered effects of the dreaded decease.

UNICEF Representative in Nigeria, Peter Hawkins said contrary to the false belief that children are not affected by COVID-19, as at Tuesday, November 3, 2020 in 87 countries with age-disaggregated data, offspring and adolescents under 20 years of age accounted for 1 in 9 of COVID-19 infections, or 11 per cent of the 25.7 million infections reported by these countries including in Nigeria.

“While children are less likely to have severe symptoms of illness, they can be infected and the biggest impact by far is the disruptions to key services and increasing poverty rates, which are both having a huge impact on Nigerian children’s education, health, nutrition and well-being. The future of an entire generation is at risk globally and in Nigeria.” Hawkins stated further.

The new UNICEF report gathered that children in the same age group accounted for 1 in 10 infections, or 11.3 percent of total infections in Nigeria.

“While our offspring’s can transmit the virus to each other and to older age groups, there is strong evidence that, with basic safety measures in place, the net benefits of keeping schools open outweigh the costs of closing them. Schools are not a main driver of community transmission, and our broods are more likely to get the virus outside of school settings,” the report notes.

Meanwhile, world health organization’s new data stated that nearly fourteen (14) million offspring’s did not receive any vaccines in 2019 and almost six (6) million received some but not all vaccines required for full protection against many life-threatening diseases.

And with COVID-19 putting enormous pressure on over stretched health systems, the number of unvaccinated and under-vaccinated underage is expected to increase, aggravating the existing inequity and putting the lives of many offspring’s at serious risk of disease or death.

Due to COVID-19 measures, approximately 80 million children under the age of 1 in at least 68 countries may miss out on receiving life-saving vaccines

More than 94 million children are at risk of missing measles vaccines because of paused measles campaigns in 26 countries due to efforts to control COVID-19 as of November 2020, threatening to intensify the ongoing measles outbreaks.



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