NAOSREPresident, National Association of Online Security Reporters, NAOSRE, Femi Oyewale has lamented the death of the innocent and unsuspecting farmers in Borno State.

According to NAOSRE president, the death of farmers in Borno State over the weekend at a time the country is grappling with the enormous challenges in food sufficiency is rather unfortunate.

In a statement made available to fasnews by NAOSRE secretary, Comrade Dayo Bamgbola on Monday, November 30,2020, Femi Oyewale pointed out that the recent unprecedented rainfalls that over flooded farm lands in some parts of the northern region is a development that would orchestrate food scarcity in the months ahead.

He however, takes serious exception to the calls, in certain quarters, for the sack of service chiefs.

NAOSRE President noted that the Nigerian Army is currently over stretched, as it engages criminals in all aspects in the Northern part of the state.

Criminals such as Boko Haram in the north east, bandits in Kaduna, Katsina, Adamawa, Sokoto, Niger, as well as fights Biafra separatist, kidnappers, killer herdsmen, cow rustlers and cultists.

“The National Association of Online Security Reporters, NAOSRE, have been working closely with operatives in the military and to the best of our understating, the military is not only underfunded but its personnel are over stretched. The call for the sack of service chiefs, therefore, is uncalled for. Rather, such efforts should be channeled at persuading the government to increase the funding of the military,” he solicited.

“There is need for additional enlistment of able young men and women into the military. With a population of over 200 million, the numerical strength of our military personnel, in comparison to the population, is incongruous.” He said.

Oyewole added that other military and paramilitary formations should be well equipped to live up to their responsibilities in providing internal security while the army concentrates on border and external intrusion.



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