A 16-year-old suspect, who gave his name as Bolowatife Arowolo has been arrested by the officers of the Ogun State Community, Social Orientation and Safety Corps (So-Safe Corps), Iroko Arije Divisional Headquarters, Ogun State for allegedly robbing commercial motorcyclists.

The suspect, popularly called ‘Small Wire’ by his gang, with two others, now at large, had accosted a commercial motorcyclist (Okada driver), Kayode Ayodele, cut him with cutlass before collecting his bike.
The incident happened at Abuke Iroko area of Ogun State, at the boundary between Lagos State and Ogun State.
The suspect was arrested while trying to catch up with his accomplices who later escaped with the motorcycle and left him behind.
Narrating the incident, the Okada driver, who was severely battered in the head, said he picked a passenger from Ajegunle to Moyard Filling Station at Abule Iroko around 5am.Suspect
“After dropping the passenger, just a few distance, I saw the three (3) of them and asked me to carry them. I told them I could not carry the three (3) that we should get another bike to carry one while I carry two not knowing they were planning to snatch my Okada. In the process of discussing to get another Okada, one of them snatched my key and started dragging the Okada with me. Before I looked up,  another one had brought out a cutlass and started cutting me in the head.
“I became weak but was still struggling with them. The more I struggled the more he cut me. They kept trying to start the Okada till it eventually started. Two of them were already on the bike while the third one, the apprehended Suspect, was trying to catch up with them but they eventually left him.
“They could not wait for him( Nabbed suspect) because two men were coming out from the community that moment so, they had to quickly run away with the Okada and that was why they could not pick the third person.
“While the third one was also running away trying to escape, the guys chased him and caught him. He was then brought to the office of the security agent, the So-Safe Corps,” he narrated.

The suspect, who confirmed the incident said it was his first time of operating with his accomplices.

Small Wire, the arrested 16-year-old suspect
Arowolo, who said he came from Kwara State after dropping out of secondary school  when his mother divorced his father, was living with his half brother at Abule Iroko where he came to rob.
According to the suspect, he came to his elder brother in 2015 but left for Mushin to join the miscreants after two months of living with his brother.
He explained that he had to leave as his brother refused to send him to school nor enrol him for handiwork.
“When I got to Mushin, I first joined those who engage in “Wire Wire”. By that we steal SIM cards to withdraw money from people’s accounts. But I was not getting enough money, my master would only give me token. I later came across some other big brothers, Sola, Sunday (Ijaya), and Pankere, who introduced me to the robbery but I didn’t go out with them until today.
“I was the one who brought them to this area being where I first lived. Our intention was to come and steal my brother’s Plasma TV but unfortunately, he was not around and I told them not to break the door. We had to sleep in an uncompleted building. When it was daybreak, we needed an Okada that we would take back to Mushin and that was how we waylaid the man. Unfortunately, I was caught while others escaped but I can take the security men to where they could be arrested.”Suspect
Arowolo said his brother does omo onile job – land grabber, disclosing that he lives alone after his wife has divorced him.
Meanwhile, The Security Superintendent of Corps, Iroko Arije Divisional Headquarters,  SC Akinrele Adetayo, said the suspect has been transferred to Sango Police Divisional Headquarters for further investigation and prosecution.
“He was caught while trying to escape, he was brought here. We had to inform our colleagues in case they found those who escaped with the bike. After interrogating the suspect, he confesses to the crime but we cannot do anything than to hand him to the police and which we have done.
“We took him to Sango Police Divisional Headquarters and handed him over to the DCO 1 and the IPO, Inspector Ola.”



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