While still struggling to win a second term as Ogun State governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun has began subterranean moves to retire all political strong men in the Gateway State and build his political dynasty, akin to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in Lagos. Political This long but carefully guarded political scheme was recently uncovered by our team of investigative reporters with collaborations of those privileged with the inner workings of the governor.

The secret pact for the new political dynasty is personally being coordinated by the governor and his most trusted trifecta; Commissioner for Finance, Dapo Okubadejo, Chief of Staff, Shuaibu Afolabi Salisu, and Secretary to The State Government, Tokunbo Talabi.
Our sources say the governor has resolved to promote Salisu as his successor in 2027. This idea, we gathered, is already being sold to some traditional rulers in Egbaland to secure the most needed support for his reelection bid. Political
Abiodun is said to be particularly desperate to curry votes from Ogun Central where his predecessor, Ibikunle Amosun enjoys cult followership. Meanwhile, Amosun recently vowed to ensure his former ally-turned-enemy never returns to the Oke Mosan governor’s office in 2023.
Ogun Central has the highest voting population in the state and a poor showing by any governorship candidate could spell doom for his ambition.
Another motivation for governor Dapo Abiodun this medium learned is to cut over the growing influence of Senator Olamilekan Adeola (Yayi), who is flying the APC flag as a precursor to running for Ogun governorship in 2027. Though Abiodun was said to have initially promised Yayi the ticket in 2027, sources told us the governor is no longer keen as he feels Yayi and his men are already too powerful for him now, and handing them power would dispatch him into political oblivion faster than he wishes.
This was one of the reasons he insisted on fielding a weaker Salisu as Ogun Central senatorial candidate against more formidable politicians like Sen. Lanre Tejuosho and Sen. Gbenga Obadara. Salisu is being planted to neutralise any possible gang-up by the 2023 set of Ogun federal lawmakers in Abuja.
Already, the project to neutralise Yayi and all his men in the next term of DA is ongoing. Most of Yayi’s men currently breathing down the necks of the musketeers will be thrown out to perfect the new succession plans.Political
Our sources say no core Yayi man will be accommodated in Abiodun’s next government and the influence of some of the henchmen is already being curtailed.
For instance, shortly before the Osun State election in which the APC candidate and incumbent governor lost, it was gathered that the relationship between Tunji Egbetokun, the man considered to be the most powerful man in Dapo Abiodun’s government, and the governor was at razor’s edge. Both have not been seeing eye to eye for some six months.
Some sources said in fact “on four different occasions they had shouting matches in open confrontations right before many other appointees and civil servants. For close to one year now, the SSA Political had removed every one of his personal items from his office, and people thought he had resigned.”
The governor however is said to be bidding his time before striking Egbetokun and other Yayi loyalists in order not to truncate his reelection bid.
He has ceded some of the oddest jobs in his electioneering to these Yayi men to keep them busy and block them from working with his opposition. Abiodun recently commissioned a team that has core Yayi men (Former Speaker Tunji Egbetokun, Former Works Commissioner, Waliu Taiwo, APC Organising Secretary, Yemi Adelani) to work on his reelection. Biyi Adeleye, his other political adviser was however exempted from the group for strategic reasons. The men in the team are marked as mercenaries.

Close sources in the government told our investigative reporters that some of the Yayi’s men are also not unaware of the governor’s scheme, but everyone seems to be playing along, trying to see who blinks first.

Shuaibu-Afolabi-Salisu, Chief of Staff, Ogun-governor-Dapo-Abiodun-and-Tokunbo-Talabi, Ogun State SSG
Yayi himself has gotten wind of the treacherous development. This facilitated the hurried travel by the Lagos West senator to the United States shortly after the party primary to review his political project in Ogun State.
Informed sources hinted that Yayi was bothered by the blanket orders handed down to him by the governor not to campaign, nor take any single political steps in Ogun State without his (DA’s) blessings. For someone who had run and won elections in Lagos State since 1999, this must be a strange political proposition. The senator could not imagine a victory coming from such idleness.
Meanwhile, those who are close to the governor revealed that the political embargo by Abiodun is part of the succession strategy of the governor and his inner caucus to create a benevolent posture of the governor toward other candidates such that it would look like it was the popularity of the governor that got them elected and not as a result of their individual strength and personality.
This perception, the governor’s strategists think, would smoothen his ascendancy as the new Ogun political doyen.



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