The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, AIG Hakeem Odumosu on Friday, 7th January, 2022, while giving update on the investigation into the cause of the death of the late student of the Dowen College, Sylvester Oromoni Jnr, that there is no evidence to establish that the twelve (12)-years-old was tortured, bullied or forcefully poisoned.

Speaking to pressmen at the state command,  Odumosu denied any form of cover-up as alleged by Sylvester Oromoni’s parent and members of the public.
According to Odumosu, eight (8) suspects were arrested which included three (3) House Masters,Valentine Igbokwe, Ahmed Bariyu, Adesanya Olusegun of Dowen College and five (5) students, Ansel Temile, Michael Kashamu, Kenneth Inyang, Favour Benjamin, and Edward Begue, whose names were said to have been mentioned by Sylvester before his death.Odumosu h
Odumosu confirmed that the Police Force obtained a remand warrant at the Yaba Magistrate Court to enable the Police detain the suspects for twenty-one (2) days and all parties were interviewed by him.Odumosu
Meanwhile, it was confirmed by FASNEWS that the student’s suspects  were granted bail before the expiration of the 21 days and house masters after the expiration of 21 days.

CP also mentioned that it was agreed unanimously by stakeholders on the issue that another autopsy be carried out after a post mortem examination was carried out earlier by a Consultant Pathologist, Dr Clement Vhriterhire which attributed the cause of the death to ‘acute bacteria pneumonia due to severe sepsis’.

Lagos CP, Hakeem Odumosu
The second autopsy carried out in the presence of all parties representatives, attributed the cause of death to ‘septicaemia, lobar pneumonia with acute pyelonephritis and pyomyositis of the right ankle’.
Conclusively, Odumosu reaffirms that the final results of the post mortem and toxicology examination conducted both at Warri and Lagos agreed that the deceased died a natural death.
In the same vein, the Lagos State Police Command frowns at the protest conducted by a group called Ijaw Youth Council, Lagos led by Comrade Henry Oyobola.
The protest which was said to have happened in front Dowen College for hours witnessed masquerades with placards.
According the Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, the act caused panic within the community and but their was calm afterwards, with the help of men of the Police command.
He warned those threatening to go to any length to protest the outcome of the investigations to go the legal way or be ready to face the full wrath of the law.


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