An elderly man, Christian Judge Okorocha, who was last week arrested by officers of the Okomaiko Police Station for allegedly defiling a ten (10) year-old girl has been released due to the inability of the minor’s parents to fund the case. gathered that Amaka’s mother’s friend who also lives in the same compound with the perpetrator at No. 10, Ibrahim close, Mebamu Okokomaiko, Lagos was the one that had seen the girl coming out of the man’s room and asked what she was doing there and the girl innocently answered that the man was having sex with her.

The woman who was visibly shocked at the innocent girl’s response asked how many times the man had touched her and why didn’t she tell her mother, Amaka said he had sex with her three (3) times through her anus and didn’t tell her mother because her mother will kill her even though she (Amaka), did not like what Okorocha, the perpetrator was doing to her.

Okorocha’s co-tenant when questioned also confirmed that the defiler usually brings in minors an that she had suspected that he must be having sex with them but that their was nothing she could do about

According to information by the mandated reporter who reported the case to Advocate For Children And Vulnerable Persons (ACVPN), the case was reported at the Okokomaiko Police Station after which the perpetrator was arrested and detained but was later released due to the inability of the survivor’s mother to raise fund to seek justice.

However, it was alleged that the Investigating Police Officer (name withheld) had initially collected six-thousand naira (N6,000,00) from the survivor’s mother (who does not even own a phone), before the man, Okorocha could be arrested and released the suspect when Amaka’s mother could not raise the said amount.

When Comrade Omejalile Ebenezer, the coordinator for the Advocate For Children And Vulnerable Persons (ACVPN) was contacted on the above issue, he said the police cannot be blamed for asking complainants to fund their cases because government did not make such funds available for them.

“We cannot blame the police for asking for funds but most times the IPO in charge of a case ask for outrageous amount of money from complainants and as such, the complainants get tired or scared and back out of the case when they cannot afford to get the requested fund.

“However, on this issue of this man, Okorocha, it is a case of defilement and is not a bailable offence, so the IPO has no right to release the perpetrator. We have Senior Police Officers amongst us and they are already looking into the matter.,” Ebenezer explained.

Responding to what could be done to assist the police and complainants especially, in defilement cases such as this, Ebenezer said ACVPN and other sister associations/NGOs and some individuals donate funds but that it is never enough.

“ACVPN, individuals and other NGOs donate funds, even some government parastatals donate funds to get justice for survivor’s and victims but it is never enough. I wish government can create a trust fund specially for cases like this  so that the affected can get justice.”



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