The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, Hakeem Odumosu has frowned at the lackadaisical attitudes of banks and financial institutions in Lagos State to the security of bank facilities and cash in

The Commissioner of Police, at a meeting held recently with Banks and Cash In Transit officials (CIT) at the conference hall of the police command, GRA, Ikeja, kicked against bank conspiracy, security lapses and unprofessionalism suspected to have been exhibited by banks and CIT officials in the attacks on bullion vans in Lagos State recently.

While bearing his mind on the issues, the police boss mentioned the attack on a bullion van at the Langbasa- Ajah Area of Lagos State recently, where there was no adequate and/or official deployment of men for such movement, adding that the two (2) policemen allegedly on the escort movement were procured illegally by the bank involved and without the knowledge of the command, an act, he termed unprofessional and unacceptable.

Odumosu therefore, ordered that henceforth, adequate security must be provided for bank facilities and movement of cashes (cash in transit) after due approval for such movement by the Commissioner of Police as the police command will no longer tolerate any kangaroo security arrangement for cash in transit in the state.

Lagos CP also directed that Standard Operating Procedure on Species Escort (movement of valuables) must be sustained; noting that there must be minimum of two (2) operational vehicles conveying fully armed policemen escorting any bank bullion van which must be fully armored.

Similarly, in compliance with traffic rules, the Commissioner of Police has sent a strong warning against driving on One Way and BRT corridors, driving of bullion vans with or without covered number plates, breaking of traffic light and reckless driving on highways. He further warned that bullion vans must be roadworthy and standardized by the State Commands Transport Officer.

In lieu of the above, CP Hakeem Odumosu has ordered that all Area Commanders, DPOs and Heads of Departments should henceforth stop and contravene any bullion van on movement without due compliance with the stipulated security arrangements and traffic regulations in the state.  He also warned the Commanding Officers of Police Mobile Force in the state to desist from deploying men to financial institutions without due approval of the Commissioner of Police.

In addition, CP Hakeem Odumosu encouraged financial institutions to fortify security in their facilities by installing more sophisticated CCTV cameras that have a 100-day recording capacity so as to have a backup and source of evidence in police investigation of any incident within their areas of responsibility.

At the end of the meeting, CP Hakeem Odumosu formed a committee for the implementation of the rules and regulations of providing security to banks, financial institutions and movement of valuables (cashes) within the state.

The committee comprises the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Department of Operations, DCP Mohammed Ali, Officer in Charge of Bank Guards, Lagos State Command two of the Chief Security Officers of the bankers and two representatives of the Cash In Transfer firms.


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