The Managing Director of Mouka Limited, Mr Femi Fapohunda, has been bestowed the laurel of HR Champion of the Year at this year’s HR Champions Awards in recognition of the company’s development and sustenance of best human resource (HR) practices.Mouka

The elaborate event was organised recently by HR People Magazine, a foremost Human Resources publication in Africa, to celebrate excellence in the HR profession and recognise commendable initiatives and strategies. As various organisations gathered to witness this occasion, Mouka was called forward to receive an award in recognition of its visionary leadership style, which ensures that all its employees have a clear understanding of the business strategy of the leading organisation in the sleep industry.

According to HR People Magazine, the leadership of Mouka has created a conducive working environment that enables open communication and a professional work culture which encourages all employees to align with Mouka’s corporate values. These values of Passion, Integrity, Innovation, Performance, and Excellence, have contributed to Mouka’s growth trajectory over the years.

In Mouka, the role of MD requires the counsel of the Head, HR and Admin., Ifeoma Okoruen, on Talent Management and Rewards interventions to boost overall staff motivation. He views the HR lead as a trusted partner for his people agenda and constantly taps into her wealth of knowledge and experience to provide innovative interventions to employee challengesMouka

Commenting on the feat, Mouka’s current MD, Mr Femi Fapohunda, commended the organisers for being honoured as the recipient of the prestigious award and also applauded the efforts of the company’s employees for their commitment to high-performance culture and excellence.

“At Mouka, our employees come first; hence our people’s agenda is one of the key pillars to the success of our business. We are also very deliberate with our HR interventions and ensure that HR leadership is involved in strategic business decisions. To date, several sustainable HR practices have been instituted to ensure that the business continues to achieve its overall business objectives,” he stated.

This award comes right after the market leader formally unveiled several innovative products in the Nigerian market at its recent Business Partner conferences across the nation. These products include the Wellbeing Mattress Topper made with memory foam, the Wellbeing Hybrid mattress specially designed for couples, the Mondeo Firm Spring mattress, which is a great choice for hotels, the Bio-crystal pillow made with breakthrough stress relief technology and Royal Memory foam pillow.


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