Iyaloja (market leader) General of Nigeria, Mrs Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, on Thursday, 18th November said the popular Oyingbo Market in Lagos was closed down  due to its deplorable state.

Iyaloja general gave the explanation at a media briefing where she made clarifications on the reasons behind the closure of the market. She explained that contrary to insinuations that she sought for payment of N5m, the market was shut  because of its environmental situation.

“The Mainland Local Government Chairman, Hon. Omolola Essien had earlier called me to close down the Oyingbo market because it was extremely dirty.  Even the Ministry of Environment early this year, initially shut down the market due to uncleanness before it was reopened.Iyaloja Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, had also visited the market and also sent an official letter to the effect that the market was too dirty and the traders were then given time to do clean up the market,’ she explained.

“I visited the market  last week thursday and instructed the traders not to open the market the next day and that they should also move their goods out of the market, with a promise that I will be there on Friday, the next day to ensure proper sanitation.

Tinubu Ojo said that the traders were given 24 hours prior notice, adding that the Ministry of Environment had earlier shut the market without prior notice, for months.

“We can’t continue to celebrate dirt. I stood at the gate and asked them to move their perishables before it was closed. It is regrettable that the market constructed less than ten (10) years ago was now in this bad shape.

Iyaloja General of Nigeria, Mrs Folashade Tinubu-Ojo

“There is no market head for Oyingbo market currently, as none of the two contenders vying for the post was on ground during the whole process. The officials from LASURA had earlier visited the market without informing me and then called my attention again to the terrible state of the market.

“I had to put a call to one of the officials who also confirmed the state of the market and said the agency had videos and pictures of the market,” Iyaloja explained further.

She however, appealed to the traders to ensure proper sanitation and to keep their environment clean always as it is being preached weekly.

Meanwhile, Iyaloja Tinubu-Ojo acknowledged that the local government executive was aware that some touts are collecting N2,500 from the traders on a daily basis.

“The touts need to be evacuated from the market to ensure orderliness, cleanliness, law and order,” she said.

Oyingbo Market,Ebute-Metta Mainland

One of the traders, Mrs Abimbola Jinadu, Iyaloja, Agric Coker Odunade, who corroborated what the Iyaloja General said, noted that she was part of the team that visited the market during the whole process.

She stated that Oyingbo market, in spite of the cleaning that was done during the weekend, was still very dirty as at Tuesday that they visited.

The busy market was shut down on Friday, November 12, 2021 leading to protests by some of the traders.



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