As part of the reforms in the transportation system, the Lagos State Government (LASG) is set to commence the ‘No Inspection, No Certificate of Roadworthiness’ rule by January 2022 to improve safety on all roads across the metropolis.

The State Government is desirous of ensuring that only roadworthy vehicles ply the network of roads in Lagos state to reduce gridlocks often caused by broken down vehicles, thereby improving the safety of lives and property.LASG
In a statement made available to FASNEWS by LASG, the new rule now will compel vehicle owners to go through inspection at any of the LACVIS centres on the expiration of vehicles particulars before a Certificate of Roadworthiness is issued.
In the event that the vehicle did not pass the Minimum Safety Standard Text (MSST), a period of 30 days will be given for the vehicle to be fixed and thereafter return for a repetition of the MSST at no additional cost before the Certificate of Road Roadworthiness is issued.
“No vehicle will be certified roadworthy if the owners fail to present their vehicles for inspection at L to identify any faults for corrective measures,” LASG said.



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