Former governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, has challenged Nigerians to contribute their quota to make the country of their dreams.

Otunba Daniel,an advocate for restructuring, who also believes in compartmental growth that will relax the pressure on the centre and advance the economic strength of the federating units, has proposed a systemic approach to achieve equitable development in the country without leaving any section behind.
“But this approach must be systemic and not brash. A sudden fiscal restructuring that doesn’t focus on collective economic growth for all states will create a chaotic migration problem and burden for the developed ones,” the former governor asserted,” He said.
The former governor made the call on Friday,September 17,2021 while giving his keynote address at a three (3) days Bootcamp organised by the Politics Leadership Training Institute(POLA) for emerging leaders in Sagamu, Ogun State.
A mechanical engineer by profession, Daniel maintained that only Nigerians can develop Nigeria.
“Americans developed the United States, Chinese developed China, only Nigerians can develop Nigeria,” he told his audience.
Speaking on the threats of division ravaging the country,  he added that no nation devalues itself into prosperity, arguing that citizens should rather work to use Nigeria’s population economy to its advantage.Daniel
“Restructuring plan can best work when the federating states have the potential for self-sufficiency,” Daniel advised.
He stated further that his vision for setting up the tuition free school was borne out of his burden to raise quality leaders ready to take over leadership mantle in any sphere of lives they may find themselves.
According to him, democracy is not a magic wand. It is like a computer data processing system that thrives on the reliability of the data imputed and for citizens to enjoy good governance, they must ensure that only the best hands are handed over the mantle of leadership.Daniel
The Politics Leadership Training Institute is an institution set up by Otunba Daniel, who is the Chancellor of POLA,in 2011 to train and mentor new leaders for the country.


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