The African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre LSD) is hosting its second in the series policy dialogue for 2021. This time on “Nigeria and the Political Leadership Needed for 2023”.

The Centre LSD dialogue focused on looking at the general situation in the country as we progressed towards the election year 2023, has become crucial, considering the several challenges the country has been grappling with for some time now, including increase in the general price level, worsening poverty statistics, unemployment, deteriorating standard of living, terrorism and a whole lot of other issues.  

A statement by Ms. Victoria Udoh of the Centre LSD, said the dialogue which is a platform for interaction amongst citizens, will not only be diagnostic of the problems but will offer stakeholders opportunity to interrogate happenings in the country’s political journey and proffer solutions to them.  

The dialogue to be moderated by Dr. Kole Shettima of the Mac Arthur Foundation shall provide answers to certain pertinent questions including; what kind of political leadership does Nigeria need in 2023? What skills is required of them? Will educational attainment matter? What ideology should they espouse? What role should citizens play and how should they play the role to have the right type of leadership.

The keynote paper to be delivered at the event by Dr. Abdu Hussaini, will be discussed by Charles Usie, Idayat Hassan, Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri and Tony Ojukwu. 

The statement enjoined members of the public who may not be able to attend in person to follow the conversations via the Centre LSD social media handles and or explore joining the dialogue via zoom 



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