Adron Homes has been accused of fraud by some of its customers who shared their awful experiences with the real estate firm on social media. 

Adron Homes

The customers, who had purchased properties from Adron Homes, complained that the company failed to deliver on its numerous promises, including the allocation of lands even after payments had been made. Some customers also accused Adron Homes of using deceptive marketing tactics to lure customers into purchasing properties, such as promising unrealistic returns on investment.

 However, some Twitter users spoke positively about Adron, and one marketer from the company explained that they have a policy of only allocating lands to those who are ready to build.Adron Homes Meanwhile, Zuma Rock Products Limited‘s Managing Director, Engr. Bob Ufomadu, has also accused Adron of harassment and intimidation over a landed property in Shimawa, Ogun state.

Adron Homes, in conjunction with some security officers, has allegedly made several attempts to kidnap Ufomadu and forcefully take over his property. The crisis began when Adron offered to relocate Ufomadu’s farms to Agerige village in Shimawa, claiming that his 12 acres of land were surrounded by land already purchased by the Homes.
Ufomadu, however, refused the proposal, stating that he had spent over N300m developing the land and that Adron’s blocking of the access road had made it difficult to harvest crops. Adron Homes
The Homes has also been accused of encroaching on another landowner’s property. Ufomadu claims that Adron Homes, in conjunction with the Nigerian Police, has been using threats and intimidation to force him to surrender his property.



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