The Advocates For Children And Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN) has condemned, in totality, the arm twisting of existing Laws that clearly states categories of punishment accrued to various Offences.

According to the statement released by the Comrade Ebenezer Omejalile on behalf of ACVPN, the  Lagos state Ministry Justice in last few weeks through it Social Medial Handle published. punishment for various Offences such as Armed Robbery/ Cultisms, attracts between 15,21 years jail term respectively with no option of fine or probation now those individuals who often boast and wreck havoc, with so much IMPUNITY would think twice before they misbehave.

“DEFILEMENT/Rape now attracts life in imprisonment in Nigeria , some cases have gotten such sentences across Nigeria.

“Lagos State regarded as the Centre of Excellence should raise it Operations beyond reasonable doubt.

“Been a Celebrity does not make one above the law, we watched keenly at way Investigation of Baba Ijesha case presently handled by the Gender/Anti-Human Trafficking SCID PANTI and I must confess we need raise our hat for their performance devoid from any of sentiments.” ACVPN said.

“Roberts Kelly popularly known as R.Kelly the famous American musician tagged as SURVIVING R. KELLY is currently serving his time in the American correctional CENTER for his Pedophile offence , American Government didn’t protect him because he was famous despite his contribution to the American Entertainment industry.

“Baba Ijesha confessed to the crime and a proven medical evidence is available to back up. It’s really a Show of shame that  some Nollyhood Actors are still in a state of denial and showed solidarity with Baba Ijesha .

“Our take on this case we call on the Commissioner of Police Cp Hakeem Odumosu to maintain a high level of integrity and discharge of his lawful duty in abeyance to the existing Laws , Child Rights Acts 2007, The Violence Against Person’s Prohibition Act (VAPP 2015) The Lagos State Child Rights Law CRL 2007,” ACVPN stated further.

It should be noted that Survivors of such crimes can only be of sound mind when justice is duly served Baba Ijesha should face the consequences of his actions because injury to one is Injury to all. Princess should not be blamed for any reason because Pedophile is not written in any bodys face.

ACVPN also praised the Lagos state police Commissioner of Police, CP Hakeem Odumosu.

‘The CP Lagos is Lucky to have radical investigators as Gender Unit head both State Command and SCID PANTI they they should be encouraged and not discouraged by power that be.

“We categorically state clearly if Baba Ijesha is released tomorrow as Permutated by a section of the Media it would mean all that we have been doing on Gender Based Violence , Amount to nothing and a waste of resources.

“The UN Women and Girls Initiative Spotlight Initiative is a waste resources if justice is not served on this case, Also it would take us 20 years backward of ground Zero as the International Priority action on End Violence Against Children that Nigeria adopted 2016 amount to nothing.

“To those who are calling and working tireless with so much propaganda to frustrate this case , your efforts cannot withstand the unjust because our part is like a shining Star .

“We call on all State Actors and Non State Actors to SAY NO TO ALL FORMS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN.

“Great Laws don’t bring Great Men but Great Men Bring Great Laws courtesy Aristotle the great Philosopher.

“This is Our Stand on the case of Baba Ijesha and other
cases in the Custody of Lagos State Police Command,” the statement concluded.



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